Reality-Based Personal Protection Training

Reality-Based training takes you places traditional martial arts do not; places that you need explore in order to become properly equipped for our modern urban environments.

Reality-Based training differs from traditional martial arts in that our practice simulates what you may come across in today's world. For example, we work on hard surfaces while wearing everyday clothes and shoes. Evading and responding to an attack in tennis shoes and blue jeans feels entirely different than it does while wearing a traditional uniform and working on padded mats. Movements in your daily clothes are restricted and unless you practice under conditions that emulate the real world your actions will be slowed and feel unfamiliar, giving your attacker an advantage.

Reality-Based training offers a multi-dimensional approach to personal safety. Most traditional martial arts look only at the physical confrontation and drill exclusively on kicks, punches and weapon attacks. Reality-Based provides instruction not only in the physical encounter, but also the pre- and post-conflict encounters.

Conflict Avoidance

Avoiding conflict is your first weapon. We teach how to secure your home, your car and even how to conduct yourself so as to help avoid being chosen as a victim. Conflict avoidance is an integral part of our training philosophy.

First Aid and Triage

We teach you triage for early identification of wounds. You might have "won" the fight, but an adrenaline surge can mask the pain of a grievous wound. Seeking proper medical attention after a conflict can mean the difference between life and death.

Proper Use of Force

Knowing what you can do in response to an attack can save you a lot of trouble. Can you respond to a verbal threat? What are your options when someone throws a punch at you? What is an appropriate response when someone brandishes a knife? Understanding the immediate criminal and civil implications of your actions can save you a lot of headache down the road.

Communication with Law Enforcement

You may be justified in your actions, but unless you can effectively convey that message to the officer who takes your statement, you may wind up in jail and on trial anyway.

Blending of Philosophies

By no means should traditional martial arts be abandoned. They are fantastic at teaching responses to physical attacks and building physical endurance. Reality-Based compliments those strengths with pre- and post-conflict aspects of education. We teach Reality-Based courses in seminar form so that they can be incorporated into your own, personal program without the need to sign up for lengthy contracts or to desert your traditions. A blending of the two programs provides a strong, well-rounded, well-prepared individual.


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